Winter Weekend Reading

It’s cold. I know the rest of Canada considers Torontonians a city full of wimps when it comes to winter weather (our mayor did call in the army for heaven’s sake) and they are not wrong, but still it’s over minus 20 outside and all I can do is drive to work, not go outside for lunch (so tired of brown bagging it) and go home and read!

Thank goodness the Olympics are happening soon so I can watch TV and knit.

As I was leaving on Friday I realized I was really in the mood for a western historical romance. My google search turned up Pamela Morsi — how have I not read her before? (Especially since MIRA publishes her! Sometimes I am just slow. Although she has been writing more women’s fiction books, I think. I am a romance HEA gal.) COURTING HATTIE and GARTERS! They were exactly what I wanted. The first is a friends to lovers story, and the second is my favorite, a woman determined to get what she wants story. The heroine, a hillbilly, goes courting. it’s funny and touching and real.

I love historical western romance (oh, Maggie Osborne, please come out of retirement). I think it has something to do with the openness, sense of possibility the West offers. No rigid society rules but a land of opportunity. Plus a lot of the authors I have loved are gosh darn funny. Maggie Osborne. Jill Barnett. Pamela Morsi.

After my two Morsi’s I decided to read Lisa Kleypas again. Now, I love this woman’s resume. While I have issues with beauty pageants I do have admiration for the women who compete. I had previously “read” Kleypas’s Wallflower books in audio, and they were enjoyable, but she is better on the page. I adored DREAMING OF YOU. I’m in the middle of MINE TILL MIDNIGHT, the first Hathaway book (and bought the second as soon as I met Merripen on page 1). There is a depth and sophistication and charm that works better for me when read on the page.

But having mentioned audio I have to make a recommendation. Robert Petkoff narrates Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series. I read and enjoyed many of the books in the series but had stopped. In the fall as I was surveying the Audible site to use up some credits I came across LOTHAIRE (seriously great book because Kresley dares to keep him villainous) and the incredible  narrator Robert Petkoff. He is Beyond Amazing. His voices are great. I have started the series over again at book #1 and am currently on #8.  He has also narrated some of the Castle Nikki Heat novels, a favorite of many romance writers.

Last, since I mentioned the upcoming Winter Olympics, I am going to plug one of my new books from Harlequin E. The Contemporary Romance box set will be on sale in February and COMING IN FROM THE COLD by Sarina Bowen features a former Olympic athlete. Everyone who has read this story has loved it and if you like contemporary with lots of depth and emotions, you will love this. Plus the entire box set (4 books) is only $4.99 for a limited time.





  1. Pamela Morsi is so darn wonderful – I can’t believe you’d never read her before! Courting Miss Hattie is one of my favorites. Two other really good ones you should try and find are Wild Oats (virgin hero, older divorced heroine) and Simple Jess (hero has mental challenges).

    Damn, now I want to drop everything and read a Morsi novel….

  2. Malle Vallik

    Thanks for both recommendations. I read the reviews on Simple Jess but wasn’t sure… Now I am! Today will be minus 36C with windchill factor!!!! I don’t think we should have to leave our houses.

  3. Hello my friend! I read that you hold virtual training sessions for authors in blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and promotional videos and would like access to digital/social media training or join said team of authors. My passion is writing, and genre is flexible… but my social media is indubitably lacking.

    G Vegas

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