Industry News Round Up

There are many publishing predictions showing up in newsletters and blogs. I list a few that resonated to me.

From Michael Levin at HuffPo, his publishing predictions about how it’s going to get worse for New York publishers in 2013.  Good news: Harlequin will be okay because we have a real brand.

9. The publishers whose brands actually stand for something will do just fine. Regnery enjoys massive credibility with conservatives; Harlequin with women who crave romance. But what of the other publishers, whose brands stand for nothing? It’s gonna be a long, long year.

Mike Shatzkin of The Idea Logical Company also offers his 2013 predictions. His last point about marketing being an ongoing learning experience resonated strongly with me as it ties in to what I’ve been saying:  no ebook has fulfilled its sales potential — you can always sell more. This is a big shift in the publishing industry and great news for those titles that did not hit it big at launch.

Giving some credence to at least one of Leven’s predictions is news from Techcrunch that B& saw a 10.9 percent decrease in sales over the nine-week holiday period ending December 29, 2012. Nook sales and were also down.

Mark Coker (Smashwords) had a long and fairly upbeat list of predictions.

I am writing up my list of predictions now. Check back on Monday.


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  1. Gabrielle B

    I’m really interested to see what your predictions are! I recently saw that HQ is getting into digital pubsilhsing the way Harper Colins is. I am looking forward to reading some titles.

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