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Washington Times on eBooks

“Finding Romance Online” is current piece in Washington Times.  Lots of quotes from me and theory that many romance readers like reading on a device because there is no embarrassing cover factor. I wonder how big a motivator that is for buying an eBook reader or if it’s an unexpected benefit once you start using …

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Harlequin Cover Art: Fabio Never Looked so Good

“Manly Masterpieces” is the headline of the Globe and Mail’s article on The Heart of  a Woman: Harlequin Cover Art 1949-2009, an exhibition of vintage and modern illustrations originally commissioned as covers for Harlequin romance novels. “Fabio never looked so good as he does here, as a bare-chestd ship’s captain rendered hyper-realistically in luscious oil …

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Colin and Justin on Harlequin covers!

TV celebrities and designers Colin and Justin are making their romance novel cover debut! You can read more about their experience visiting the Harlequin offices amd becoming Harlequin Heroes at the Sunday Mail and Toronto Star.   Justin is Officer Kent Terlecki on Once a Hero by Lisa Childs While Colin becomes Laird Lachlan Kerr for The Border Lord by Sophia …

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