Harlequin’s SYTYCW contest announces winner: Jennifer Drogell

I’ve been on tenterhooks all day, whether I’ve been in my office on in a meeting  – not for myself but for the winner and runners up of the Harlequin writing competition So You Think You Can Write. I don’t even make any of the calls to the winners — I am just genuinely thrilled that one person is going to have a life dream come true, to be published by Harlequin Books, and that the runners up will have conversations and working relationships with their very own editors.

A big congratulations to Jennifer Drogell (@JenDrogell) who won So You Think You Can Write with her Harlequin Presents submission,  The Divorce Party. Joanne Grant, the senior editor for Harlequin Presents called her from our London office to tell her the good news and offer her a 2 book contract!

Please go to the SYTYCW contest annoucement page to read all the details.

Another significant highlight: Over 60 writers who originally entered the SYTYCW contest have been contacted by the Harlequin editors—and asked to either submit a full manuscript or revise the project. We fully expect to contract a number of these books.

I’ve been in publishing a long time, but I am never jaded when it come to the thrill of finding a new writer. New voices keep the romance genre fresh and relevant. There is also nothing more wonderful than appreciating the joy of someone who has fulfilled a dream. As Jennifer wrote on twitter to Joanne Grant: thank you, Joanne. I think your phone call has just made me the happiest person on earth!!

Congratulations as well to Amber L. Whitford and Mel Sterling for placing second and third.

As Nanowrimo winds down to a close, I wanted to share this content as inspiration for everyone who writes and dreams of being published. It does happen. We, at Harlequin, reach out in many ways. The SYTYCW contest is a team effort that takes a great deal of time and dedication from the editorial department, but also IT, public relations, marketing and others. Throughout the year Harlequin editors speak at conferences, conduct online pitch sessions, and write countless revisions letters to find and nurture new talent. Today I am thrilled for Jennifer and also delighted to work at a publisher like Harlequin that has a long tradition of doing more than any other publisher I can think of to find and encourage new writers. Go Jennifer, Go Amber, Go Mel! Go Harlequin!


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