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Author Brand Part II: Comments

A few people were kind enough to contribute excellent comments on author brand. I wanted to highlight two. First Theresa Meyers: “If you still are confused, remember also that your author brand isn’t about your books as much as it is about you as a writer, which is why you aren’t going to be boxed …

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What the Heck is this Author Brand?

Last week when I blogged about managing your author brand online a friend and writer sent me some questions that I am going to address in this post. A brand is a promise to your readers. Curious Author asked: “What is a brand supposed to do?   To set the author apart?  Is it supposed to …

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Managing Your Brand Online

Is your author bio helping or hurting sales? This key question was blogged about by Barry Eisler at MJ Rose’s blog.  What a great question. Barry shows the mistakes that we — publishers included — make so often! This brings up one of my absolutely essential things you must do online. One that you and …

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