99 Cent Books and Anniversary Collections

Carina Press has several title on sale for 99 cents. Great books. Little $. You can buy at Carina Press or Amazon, Apple, B&N or wherever ebooks are sold.

The Pirate’s Lady by Julia Knight. This two book series is one of my favorites. For every reader who wishes there more fantastic pirate books featuring a sexy hero and tough-as-nails heroine. Ten Ruby Trick is the first book.

Timeless Innocents by Janis Susan May. This has one of the creepiest covers I’ve ever seen!

Designed for Death by Jean Harrington. Charming mystery.

We are also celebrating our 2nd anniversary with two special collections. Both are Editor’s Collections, the romance collection selected and edited by Angela James and the “variety” collection — showcasing the breadth of Carina’s editorial – was selected and edited by Deb Nemeth.

Angie’s showcase has another great contemorary romance connected to the popular Kowalskis from Shannon Stacey, a romantic suspense from Adrienne Giordano and steam punk from Cindy Spencer Pape.     

In Deb’s collection you can explore interstellar space, get caught up in a caper, dabble in the paranormal and solve a murder aboard a cruise ship.

I hope you enjoy!                                                                                
















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