People I Like: Mindy Kaling

I think Mindy Kaling is completely awesome.

She’s hilarious on The Office and she’s written some of my favorite episodes for that show. I’m a huge fan when it comes to performers who are also writers. Also, my fantasy dream job is that of television writer.

Sitting in a room with funny, creative people working on a TV show seems just about perfect. In fact, when I watched the Dick Van Dyke show as as child, the one where Rob Petrie was a writer for the Alan Brady show, I did not believe that the job was real. For my six-year-old brain it was a made-up TV thing (like familes who had a housekeeper or everyone spoke English or no one ever discussed the price of anything). Work was supposed to be, well, work. Not fun and challenging.

Mindy also has a fun blog: The Concerns of Mindy Kaling.

And I just downloaded her audiobook. I have not yet listened to it, but she has moved to next on my list – I have a long drive next week.

Plus her name is cool. Mindy is so like Cindy, a name for nice girls that has been downtrodden for such a long time that it’s become cool because of its lack of regard. And Kaling is exotic. The combination is fantastic and all the letters look good next to each other (look at the letters in names. So many don’t go together. While my name is challenging to say outloud in English, the letters look really cool with the double “l”‘s balancing everything out.)

Read her book or download the audio or just keep enjoying her on the office. And you can follow her on twitter @mindykaling



  1. I read this book yesterday, and liked it as well! She wrote my favorite episode of The Office — “The Injury” — the one where Michael Scott burned his foot.

  2. Malle Vallik

    Making bacon in bed with the Foreman grill! Loved it.

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