5 Things I’m Thankful About Publishing

Since it is the season of thanks (you can read my 5 things I love about Carina Press at the carina press blog on Friday www.carinpress.com/blog) 5 things I’m thankful for about publishing:

1. I get to organize a book club at work. We have a lot of new people in our digital team, so we’ve started reading a book a month and discussing it our team meeting. Our first book is a Harlequin Desire by Maya Banks. ENTICED BY HIS FORGOTTEN LOVER hit the New York Times Bestseller list. I’ll find out in an hour what the team thought of it. I loved it.

2. Change. Publishing used to not change at all. Computers as an office tool were a big deal. Then came the Internet. Then digital publishing took hold for real. It’s a brave new world and sometimes it’s scary. But I work with really smart people, colleagues, industry professionals, authors, and I believe transformational change also brings new opportunity. Let’s not forget how the medieval monks felt about the book – we’re in a similar world!

3. Authors. They come in all shapes and sizes, shy and outgoing, free-spirited and super-organized (anal, some might say), but without them there would be no wonderful stories. On many occasions I have had dinner with an author I have just met and all awkwardness is forgotten once we start talking about our favorite stories.

4. Bloggers. It was not so long ago when the entire conversation about publishing was between publishers and authors or publishers and publishers, especially when it came to romance. Then came the smart, passionate, interested bloggers. I think they’ve kicked the industry up a couple of levels from offering reviews that contain real criticism and insight, to industry news and questions, to technology discussions.

5. Story. My job entails me thinking a lot about the future of the story (ebooks, apps, transmedia), and as I indicated in point #2, the publishing industry is undergoing a transformation. But no matter what the “book” of the future looks like (and I do imagine hallograms, although not like the ones on Star Trek that always ran amuck) there will still be great stories. And someone, somewhere will be organizing a “book” club.

Thank you.


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