Authors I Love: Terry Pratchett

In honour of the (American) Thanksgiving season, an author I love. Today: Terry Pratchett.

He was one of my summer reading discoveries (on my 2 week cottage vacations I like to read an author’s oeuvre) perhaps about 5 years ago. It has to be before digital reading became my primary experience, because I own his books in print. They take up an entire bookcase shelf.

I love him because he is funny, smart, clever and he likes people. He is a gifted satirist, but his books are overwhelmingly hopeful. I am currently listening to SNUFF, which features one of my favorite characters, Commander Sam Vine of the police. This is Terry Pratchett in strong form, and his books on audio are a delight. His stories are meant to be read out loud, and the narrator, Stephen Briggs, is outstanding. He captures a wide cast of characters with specificity and accuracy. (There’s nothing worse than when the voice sounds wrong; not at all like the voice in your head for the character. I listened to Ilona Andrews first “Magic” book on audio, but the narrator did such a poor job with the heroine’s voice that I could not listen to any more of the books – she made the heroine sound weak and young when she is extremely strong. Very odd choice and I’m surprised the producers didn’t ask for changes. Other reviewers commented the same. But back to Terry.)

If you haven’t read Terry Pratchett and like connected books in a fantastical world and a voice filled with humour and sympathy do give him a try! has a wonderful article about appreciating Terry written by Karen L Kross. One note of caution. Terry seems to have discovered his voice several books into the Discworld series. I would skip the first couple of books. The good news is you can start this series anywhere, including with the current release SNUFF (audio link).

Snuff: Discworld, Book 39 | [Terry Pratchett]

So a big thanks to Terry and his wonderful books. And to audiobooks. And to the joy of turkey.


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