My Favourite Time of the Year!

The Secret Circle

It’s new fall TV show time! Yahoo. I look forward to this time of year, every year and while it’s not as special as it used to be before year-round launches of new shows, it still recalls back to school, fall resolutions and wonderful, exciting new television friends.

Last year I did not make one new friend in the fall television season, but I have much higher hopes for this year. In fact, after watching Up All Night I am pretty sure we will be friends. Ringer can go either way for me, but I still have hope. But does the CW have no budget whatsoever to shoot action? The boat scene was so embarrassing that I had to look away. A Saturday Night Live skit would have looked more realistic. Still, I love the Sarah Michelle!

New shows, when they are on (I don’t have Canadian channels for all; if you know please do share!).

Ringer Tuesday, Sept 13 (okay I’m a little behind! I sent the excel spreadsheet to my friends on Tuesday) 9p.m. CW or Friday Sept 16 on Global — Buffy back on tv playing twins and her mother! See above comment about really bad special effects. But some nice very clothing. 

Up All Night Wed Sept 14 NB C & CTV — Funny Christina Applegate and Will Arnett (married to hilarious Amy Poehler) with Maya Rudolph. Maya’s role has been rewritten since the pilot. I enjoyed!

I mention Free Agents only because it played immediately after Up All Night (the reviews I read told me to skip it). Hank Azaria scares me because he is Mark Anthony Skeletor skinny. I fell asleep half way thru this dreadful offering. Do not bother!

The Secret Circle Thurs Sept 15on CW or Friday on Global: Teens. “Surprise, you’re a witch!” From creators of The Vampire Diaries. I still love Samantha and Charmed never filled my ongoing desire for a good show about witches so I will try it. 

Cover Me, Canada Sun Sept 18 on CBC — You can tell it’s a Canadian show because we included the correct punctuation. Copy editors around the world will be proud. Canadian bands cover songs.

2 Broke Girls Mon Sept 19 CBS and CTV (?) — Whitney has 2 sitcoms: the eponymous show and this one which is supposed to be good.


The Playboy Club Mon Sept 19 10 p.m. NBC — Ouch, my feminist sensibilities worry, but Big Love was good. Still I have never celebrated the objectification of women and never thought the Playboy Club or Hugh Hefner were cool.

New Girl Tuesday Sept 20 9 p.m. on Fox — Zoey Deschenel. She has to be better than her sister! (Bones)

The X Factor Wed Sept 21 8 p.m. on Fox & CTV — Simon Cowell returns to tv, thank god. I’m a little worried about myself because I am looking forward to seeing Paula again.

Revenge Wed Sept 21 10 p.m. on ABC — Cute teens. Rich pepole. Revenge. Could 1000s of Presents novels be wrong?

Charlie’s Angels Thurs Sept 22 8 p.m. on ABC — Weak reviews but I do like Minka from Friday Night Lights. Kitsch factor.

Person of Interest Thurs Sept 22 9 p.m. on CBS — Ben from Lost. Plus a hot sexy guy and paranoid plots. Gotta try it – or else they might know I haven’t seen it…

Whitney Thurs Sept 22 9:30 on NBC — Show based on Whitney’s stand up/life. Weak reviews. See 2 Broke Girls instead.

Prime Suspect Thurs Sept 22 10:00 on NBC — Did not expect to like it but the previews look good and Maria Bello is awesome. Even starting to like the hat.

The Gifted Man Friday September 23 at 8 PM on CBS — I have the same feelings about this as I did toward The Good Wife and look how well that turned out. Great cast. Here’s hoping! Jennifer Ehle (the dead wife) is from P&P.

Pan AM Sunday September 25 at 10 PM on ABC — If we’re going to go retro, I  so much prefer the dream of being a stewardess than a bunny! Plus there are spies! When I was a kid my career aspiration was spy.

Terra Nova Mon Septp 26 8 p.m. on Fox — All kinds of awesomeness plus Jason O’Mara! 4 million dollars an episode to shoot! Steven Speilberg’s name is attached.

Hart of Dixie Monday September 26 at 9 PM on The CW (does this mean Global is also carrying?) — I adore Rachel Bilson.

Suburgatory Wed Sept 28 8:30 p.m. on ABC — Excellent reviews. I’ll try because these are the same critics who sent me to the wonder that is Modern Family.

Homeland Sun Oct 2 10 p.m. on Thowtime — Fantastic reviews. We need to confirm Canadian time/channel.

Is new TV season your favourite season of the year? What are you most anticipating?



  1. The boat scene was terrible!

  2. Malle Vallik

    You could almost imagine someone offscreen spraying water on them and someone else with a lever moving the boat up and down.

  3. I love the autumn schedule!
    Downton Abbey s2 was on on Sunday. Absolutely glorious.If you didn’t see season 1, you must. Compelling viewing. Brandon Coyle is lovely as Bates and Dame Maggie Smith does a Dowager like no one’s business. It did win several emmys
    And we had the start of Season 10 of Spooks (MI5). It is a return to form thus far after Richard Armitage jumped the shark in last season. If you like spies and haven’t seen it, you will enjoy it.
    We are season 2 of Treme here and Boardwalk Empire is about to start its second season over here.

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