New Sony Reader

Paid Content has an article today on Sony’s new Reader as stumbled upon from a Dutch product page that had information on the new device.   They find the price — guessing at between $150 and $190 US — high, which I agree with. However, European prices are substantially higher than American prices so it may be less than $150. Although those of who have been in the digital space for a while agree the sweet spot is below $100.  Let’s also not forget that Sony seems to be the exclusive ebook partner for Pottermore.

There will be a hot pink version — I don’t know why Paid Content didn’t think this was awesome. I will take personal credit for this since I’ve stood in front of digital crowds for the past 7 years asking for more attractively designed Readers. Stats continue to highlight that the majority of dedicated device reader owners are women and we like attractive technology.

Is the new Sony Reader hot pink?

The Kindle tablet is rumoured to come out this fall.

Amazon could sell 3-4 million tablets this fall (Forrester)

Amazon to Battle Apple with Tablet from WSJ




  1. Tamara

    Now that you have got them making pink ereaders, I’d like to see some patterns. Pink plaids, paisley…perhaps a summery gingham?

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