Hysteria Movie Trailer

I watched this movie trailer at Smart Bitches two weeks ago and keep thinking about it because it reminds me of what we publish at Carina Press. (This is after I searched IMBD to check it’s a real movie.) Yes, we enjoy and publish books in the bestselling genres, but we are also always looking for the unique voices and unusual, quirky stories that charm and delight.

I think our acquisition team should plan a night out to watch “Hysteria.” it’s playing at TIFF, I wonder if we want get tickets? I can trade some great romance novels (and more!) for tickets…




  1. Oh my goodness – this sounds like “An Inconvenient Wife” by Megan Chance – loved that book – must see this – lol!

  2. That is truly hysterical!

  3. Malle Vallik

    I was hard pressed to believe it was real, but now can’t wait! Plus I adore Maggie Gyllenhal (or however it’s spelled!).

  4. Anonymous

    Only the British could approach this subject thusly ….

  5. That was me being pithy …

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