A Fan Letter to Julie Anne Long

Dear Author posted a positive review for Julie Anne Long’s What I Did for a Duke, and since I am always looking for new historical authors to read, especially writers who are really smart, I downloaded the book and dove right in. My goodness she’s wonderful. Ms. Long has an avid new fan in me, and I am getting to delve into her backlist (thank goodness for backlist!).

The people are so real in What I Did for a Duke. We start and discard two well-developed, interesting character’s points of view before we even get to the hero. For once I actually appreciated the age difference between the hero and heroine, because he realizes the deepness of his feelings a lot earlier than our heroine does. While this book doesn’t have a lot of plot — it takes place over the course of a house party — the romance is so well developed and charming that the lack of action does not matter. The conversations between hero and heroine are the action and these scenes are funny, entertaining and clearly show why these two are meant to end up together, and will have a happy ending.

After I devoured the first book I read another four or five titles and so far they are all wonderful. I particularly enjoyed Like No Other Lover  because the heroine is so clear-eyed and practical — not perfect. She makes mistakes but she is also figuring out how to  survive. Refreshingly  Julie Anne Long  does not dress up the same character in a different name and different hair from book to book but creates unique characters with specific sensibilities and idiosyncrasies. In Like No Other Lover the scientific, rational-minded hero bursts into poetry whenever he sees the heroine. I loved this.

Smart characters. Unique characters. Lovely writing. Great pace. Hot sex scenes. Believable conflict. Real obstacles to overcome for a happy ending.

Read Julie Anne Long and enjoy!

 (This is the one featuring Miles Redmond, the practical, scientic explorer who goes soft in the head whenever he sees the heroine.)


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