Shatzkin’s Publishing Predictions

Mike Shatzkin of Idea Logic Company has blogged his publishing predictions for the next nine months. In an industry where is generally takes well over a year to publish one book, the speed with which our industry is transforming is nothing short of astonishing. Constant state of disrupton or constant state of potential opportunities and pitfalls? Or is that really the same thing.

Nine months is a short period of time but it is also how long it took the Carina Press team at Harlequin to launch our digital-first imprint. We developed a business plan that was approved by senior management, hired an executive editor, developed our systems and processes and launched with 37 titles in nine months. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when you are passionate and committed to an agressive timeline.

Note also how many *new* ideas Shatzkin says publishers will explore than Harlequin already does:

  • building and mainitain direct to consumer relationships
  • subscription services
  • global — any publisher anywhere can reach readers anywhere
  • more short content (hello Spice Briefs, Harlequin Historical Undone, Harlequin Nocturne Bites, our prequels and bridges to big single titles and Carina Press novellas)
  • direct marketing (both our book club and online since the 1990s)
  • social media (absolutely essential, plus we offer social media training to authors hosting a new session every other week.)
  • the importance of metadata (we are all over this, so much so that we think metadata is sexy!)

I don’t often brag so openly about Harlequin, but if you are one of our authors, I hope you feel more comfortable travelling this new road with us because of our leadership role in digital. Now I must return to being Canadian and point out Shatzkin’s blog as an excellent thought leader’s blog to follow.


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