Fall Resolutions

I packed up most of my stuff at the cottage yesterday (I took an extra day vacation to avoid Labour Day traffic. I have sat in my car, not moving beyond a crawl for over six hours on Labour Day when the trip should take two and a half hours so I’ve learned my lesson) and came back to Toronto looking forward to being back in the office and back on top of projects.

Last year at this time we met for the first time to dicuss whether or not we should launch a digital publishing house. We — a small team consisting of Brent Lewis, Eleanor Elliott and Aideen O’Leary-Chung — decided it was the time and on June 7 we unveiled Carina Press. Whew!

I wonder what this fall will bring?

And I’m wrong when I say what will it bring. I am much more proactive — I believe you have to create what you want to happen. My job for the last decade has been made up. There’s no one else in publishing who does exactly what I do — which is what is also so great about my job. Now I’ve had some creative bosses who have made up some of my job for me because of my strengths, but there are also responsibilities I have seized or created because I wanted them.

All of this goes through my brain when I make the annual drive back from my cottage because it is back to school time which means fall resolutions. I have high energy and enthusiasm to create (and finish) new projects.

Some of the stuff on my list:

  • write (it’s been ages since I’ve finished a project and now I’m in the mood. Since I’m the queen of digital should I not be submitted to a digital  house? Put your money where you mouth is kind of thing. Or words onto the ereader.)
  • podcast more (I had some technical challenges that we’ve now overcome) As part of the “more” I am planning to create a Book Chat podcast
  • spend more time reading blogs
  • limit my television watching (this one is hard for me because I love television. I believe some of the best storytelling goes on this medium and my shows become my friends. Plus Fall also means the new tv season which again, is one of my favorite annual events!
  • exercise
  • read more
  • more audiobooks. I just signed up for Audible.com’s 2 books a month package.
  • take on a scary work project — don’t quite know what it is yet.

I’ll let you know how I do.

My cottage

The lake


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  1. Lovely photos and a wonderful view, Malle. Good luck with the projects – I find target setting a great help.

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