What’s So Great About Publishing? Authors.


Yesterday I recorded two podcast interviews with authors: Sarah Mayberry who lives in Australia and writes for Harlequin Superromance and Harlequin Blaze and then Karen Harper who writes single titles often set in Amish communities (yes they’re called Bonnet Books). Despite the fact that I don’t know either of these smart, talented women personally we had a great conversation.

And that struck me as one of the great joys of publishing. I get to meet authors who are really interesting people. An author might be quiet and shy or a former drama major who likes to make an entrance, but no matter their personality type I have always found authors to be intriguing, insightful and fun to be around. I have never worried about having dinner with an author I have never met because I know that we will find common ground — books we like — and she will have excellent stories to tell, because she is a writer.

Sarah had wonderful stories to share, especially about being a writer on an Australian soap opera. Plus it turns out she and I do have a history; I rejected her, with high encouragement, years ago! I love reading her books these days. Karen Harper shared so many insights into the Amish community and why we are so intrigued by books set within this world.

As a fan I do like meeting authors who have created novels,characters and world that I a passionate about. (Although there is one very famous British mystery writer who is so mean she so should never be let out of her home. She spoke at the Toronto Author’s Festival to a room of 400 fans. The moderator was clearly freaked out by her, and by the end of the session I understood why and can only imagine what Famous Author had said to her  before the event began. By  the time Famous Author Who Thought A Great Deal Of Herself had finished speaking and corrected her fan’s grammar when they asked questions, over half the audience had clearly decided to never read her again. Luckily Famous Author Who Thinks She is Much Better Than Us is the exception.) It’s also nice to meet authors I have not read yet, after meeting and being impressed by them I generally do read their books (which is the whole point of social media). Part of what is so appealing are the many different questions, angle or research an author used when first starting her story. I always learn so much and am constantly fascinated by the question an author asked when she was starting her story.

Both podcasts should be live in a couple of weeks at eHarlequin.com and of course you can subscribe to them at iTunes. Look for Harlequin Author Spotlight.  Karen’s book THE DARK ROAD HOME is on sale now. Sarah has books on sale but we talk about THE BEST LAID PLANS from Supers on sale in November (October 1 on the eHarlequin.com website).

Chatting with these two charming, smart, great women just reminded me what a fun job I have.

If there is a Harlequin author you want me to interview, let me know.


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