Digital Clinic at RWA and Literacy Signing Photos

The digital team — Jayne, Jenny, Angela and me (we left Amy back in Toronto as she has just returned from Comicon and Emily had to keep making ebooks while we were off partying) — held the first Harlequin Digital Workshop yesterday, the day before the RWA conference officially begins. We had lots of authors attend. In fact I think a few stayed all day. We workshoped from 9 – 2, with an hour break for lunch, and covered lots and lots of social media topics with the focus on how authors can and should use these tools. I think the best part, however, was the hands-on experience. We had set up several computer stations and you could find anyone of us and ask us to show you how to tweet, set up a blog, facebook, page, etc.

Above and below are a couple of photos taken during the presentation part of the day.

And here is Shirley Jump with me – she was one  of the lucky authors who won a KoboReader.

At the book signing I met Michele Styles (Author of Her Vampire Husband)

Two Harlequin authors: Cara Summers and Michelle Styles

And the wonderful Brenda Jackson who told me she is having a movie made of one her books — I’ll share more details when we have them!


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  1. I adored meeting you finally Malle. I was so impressed with the digital team. Certainly I think that the Harlequin digital team is a cut above what other publishers are doing.
    Keep up the good work.

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