Harlequin Cover Shoot: Sexy Cowboys

Last fall, creative director Margie Miller called me and asked if she should create a behind-the-scenes video of her in California with three sexy cowboy cover models shooting the covers for Linda Lael Miller’s new McKettricks series of books.  I immediately said yes, and we brainstormed that we wanted a book trailer (check out http://www.takeacowboyhome.com) but also a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at a cover shoot. We hired a television researcher to write some questions and then Margie spent double duty as both the creative art director at the one-day cover shoot but also as the interviewer.

The scenery is beautiful. The cover models are gorgeous and, yes, occasionally shirtless. Plus I think you’ll learn a lot about what it takes to put a cover together. A big thank you to Margie for her creativity! You’ll learn a lot about what Margie does.

Watch and enjoy!

I think I’ve watched this 10 minute video at least 5 times so far, and think I’ll watch it again this week.

Linda’s books are Tate (February), Garrett (June) and Austin (July).

For any authors who are reading: have you ever been to the cover shoot of one of your novels?



  1. Anonymous

    This was an excellent video for showing the story behind the stories we write. This looks like a great trilogy and yep, Linda is a great storyteller, but I would snag this on cover alone–
    that said..I have to offer here kudos to my rrecent cover art THE MASTER AND THE MUSES Spice, June 2010 that has created all manner of buzz in the blogesphere! I’ve never had a Spice cover for one of my books that I wasn’t absolutely in love with.

    Congrats and continued success to Harlequin and their fantastic cover art teams!

    Amanda Mcintyre

  2. i love cowboys,there hard working sexy men.

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