Really Dislike the Word “Brequel”

I’ve heard from a couple of people that they, too, really dislike the word brequel, which I mentioned in my Harlequin Digital Innovations post. So, I need your help in coining a better term before that word becomes common usage (people are using it more and more inhouse).

I need a word for a story that a bridge or the in-between story for two novels. For example, author Julie Kagawa has her first YA novel, The Iron King, on sale in February. The next book in the series is being published in July. We have commissioned a short story from her set in the same world to be published around May in digital-only. We believe this will help sustain interest in the series by this new author as readers wait for her next book. It can also attract completely new readers to Julie Kagawa’s world.

What should we call these kinds of stories?



  1. How about Interlude(s)?

  2. Terri


  3. Terri

    Or Mid-E’s

  4. How about a “twist hanger” or a “midtory” or even a “tweezer”

  5. Perhaps a word in another language?
    “Entre or entrepont,” for example?

  6. farcetta


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