To Reject or Not to Reject

Now that I’m reading for acquisitions again for Carina Press, I thought I’d share this very enlightening blog post from agent Janet Reid that I found via MediaBistro. Starting last July she kept track of manuscripts and how/why she dealt with them.  Of the 9 that she asked for revisions, I wonder how many she will see back? As an editor at Harlequin, it was always one of my frustrations that less than 50% of manuscripts to which I asked for revisions, or sent a very detailed rejected letter, submitted again.

If you do receive any positive feedback and a request to see revisions or a new manuscript, do it! The editor/agent will actually remember your name. I am terrible with names, but I have frequently stopped people at writer’s conferences and asked them why they haven’t sent me their revisions. Each and every time the writer was shocked that I remembered their story and had not written revisions or a new manuscript because they thought I was being polite.

Editors/agents are not polite. We don’t need extra work. If we ask to see your work, we want to see your work.


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  1. Andrew Cooper

    I’m glad to say I’m not part of that number. I got a revise and resubmit from Carina, fixed everything and sent the manuscript back within a week and a half!

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