Digital Initiatives Session at RWA, Thursday

There will be a digital initiatives panel at RWA on Thursday from  4:30 – 5:30 in Maryland B. Here’s the description:

Digital Initiatives

Speakers: Rachel Chou, Rachel Vincent, Malle Vallik,  and moderator Sarah Wendell

How are authors and publishers innovating and using technology to connect with readers? Come to this session to hear from Harlequin’s Director, Digital Content & Social Media, HarperCollins’ VP, Online Product Development and Operations, an author using technology to reach her readers and a blogger that excels at online marketing.

Hope to see you there!



  1. Hi Malle, Sorry I missed the conference. I would have loved to have attended and participated. I do have a suggestion about the digital initiatives. There’s a show on the US Science channel called Connected: The Power of Six Degrees that examines the concepts regarding connectivity and how huge changes, particularly in the internet age, can be analyzed using certain principals. Of interest was the idea of the hub. I think Harlequin is going in the right direction to be a hub, which is great. I strongly recommend watching this program. I had a ton of ideas right off the top of my head for new ways to look at connectivity.

  2. Hi Malle,
    I stumbled upon your blog, but I don’t see anywhere to subscribe. What am I missing?

  3. Malle Vallik

    Good question, Lynn. I thought I had added the RSS widget and I went to look today. I had added the widget, but I had forgotten to open it and fill in needed information. I just did so and ta da! RSS on top right!Thanks for pointing out the lack; I honestly didn’t see that it was missing.

  4. Malle Vallik

    Hi Jo,
    I am going to look up that show and TIVO it (or the Canadian version). It we don’t get that channel I am sure it is online.

    Yes, owning a vertical is a very topical subject. Watch for more…

  5. Malle,
    Glad I’ll be getting your blog. I am reading like mad about blogging, new PR and marketing on the web and about social networking. I feel like I’m dogpaddling out into the ocean. But I’ve got my life vest on!

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