Cool Stuff Roundup

eBook Devices & apps

There are a couple of new eBook reading devices coming soon.  But the big question remains when will the $199 eBook reading device arrive? That’ s when we can go mainstream.

Mobile Read has a sneak peek at Bookeen – which I’ve also seen and is very cool. It truly is the size of a paperback and the designers imagine a reader being able to hold it with one hand and turn pages while on public transport. You can.

Publishers Weekly had a piece on the Ditto Book and recaps the other devices.

Sony announced their Reader will soon be compatible with Macs. This is their note:

Attention Mac users!

We’ve received many requests to make the eBook Store work with Apple® Macintosh® computers, and we wanted to share with you our progress on this front.

An updated version of the eBook Library Software compatible with Mac OS X operating systems will be available by the end of Summer 2009 for download to your computer to enable you to purchase, organize and download content to your PRS505 and PRS700.

Send us your email address, and we will notify you when the update is available.

Thank you,

Your Friends at The eBook Store

Joe Wickert looks at Fast Company’s cover story of Amazon and Jeff Bezos.  He says: “Kindle numbers are eyebrow raising.

“Recently, Bezos claimed that Kindle e-books add 35% to a physical book’s sales on Amazon whenever Kindle editions are available. Put another way, for every three print copies of, say, Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Outliers” the site sells, it also sells one Kindle e-book — or about 25% of total sales.” Read his take at his blog.

I think this is the best iPhone app ever! Seriously. From Dunkin Donuts.  Now if someone will create an app with a romance novel shopping list. My friends should be able to send suggestions directly to it so that when I go to a bookstore I will open my app, see the books I checked off I wanted, and then review recommendations. Oh, that would be so cool!


NYU publishing program had a symposium with bloggers. You’ll recognize many of the people and hi! to all the Sara’s no matter how they spell their name.

Presents Writing Contest

The Harlequin Presents Writing Contest is happening at the blog. The winner receives an editor for a year. What’s so great about this? The Presents team held two writing contests last year and bought 4 new authors from the contest.

Free Free Free

Harlequin Teen is launching in August with Rachel Vincent’s My Soul to Take. I’ve read it and can highly recommend it. Rachel was gracious enough to write a prequel My Soul to Lose that Harlequin and other eRetailers are giving away for free. Yup, free. Go to and you can download the book in Adobe, MobiPocket or Microsoft Reader formats.   Kindle format here. You can also download it as a PDF. Feel free to share it with as many friends as you like – and with your teens.  You can download the pdf from Smart Bitches Trashy Books.  (As soon as I figure out how to link to the PDF I will do so from here.)

Romance in the News

USA Today had a positive article on romance and romance writers, although they fawn over Ivy League degrees a little too much for comfort.


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