Scroll Motion and iPhone

From the Apple Blog ‘Look Out Stanza, Scroll Motion Brings 1M+ Books, Magazines to iPhone’

“Print media isn’t dead, it’s just slowly becoming digital media. Which I guess would mean that it’s dying. Regardless, it’s good news for those of us who actually like using our iPhones as e-readers. And it’s good news for Scroll Motion, a company responsible for bringing lots of best-sellers to the iPhone platform via its Iceberg Reader titles. Those titles, until now, have each been published as standalone apps, much to the consternation of me, and others who have to wade through the tangled mess that is the App Store to locate the few gems.

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From the consumer pov the good: all the Scroll Motion titles are now offered through one centralized app (something Stanza has been doing for months)

The bad: pricing is still often higher than the competition. 

Are you going to try it?

A reminder, you can still get our 16 free books for the Stanza.


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