Harlequin Cover Art: Fabio Never Looked so Good

“Manly Masterpieces” is the headline of the Globe and Mail’s article on The Heart of  a Woman: Harlequin Cover Art 1949-2009, an exhibition of vintage and modern illustrations originally commissioned as covers for Harlequin romance novels.

“Fabio never looked so good as he does here, as a bare-chestd ship’s captain rendered hyper-realistically in luscious oil paint. Nor has his image ever been subjected to such sophjsticated critical scrutiny as Harleuin has arranged for his SoHo debut.” Read more of the G&M article

Sarah from SmartBitches also toured the show and her impressions could be found here  plus she has a contest for swag!

The show runs until June 12 at the Openhouse Gallery, 201 Mulberry St. New York.


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