Preview of Harlequin Cover Art @Open House Gallery

The blog at Open House Gallery, NYC (201 Mulberry Street, in Soho. See a map here.) has a preview of the Harlequin Cover art images open to the public beginning May 30th.  They also have a Facebook page

I really do appreciate how the Harlequin covers have evolved over time and truly reflect the changing role of women in society. I’ll never forget how in the 1990s book sales started to show the importance of man with baby or a pregnant heroine on the cover. It was quite a change as until then a romance cover had to feature a man and a woman. The hero with the baby highlighted a new fantasy that spoke to the 90s working woman trying to juggle too many responsibilities. What’s more heroic and sexy than the guy who is willing to take on the responsibilities of fatherhood?

To further highlight some of the changes romance novels have both lead and expereinced as a reflection of women’s lives,  Executive Editor Marsha Zinberg is going on a blog tour starting June 1 at Bookbinge. She’s writing about Harlequin firsts: first for some of our best known writers, first for herself as an editor and highlighting the Harlequin Firsts, first novels by current New York Times bestselling writers.

Follow along her travels and win some cool prizes the sites are offering! 

Her schedule:

June 1     BookBinge

June 2     Plot Monkeys

June 3     Blaze Authors blog

June 4     Romance Junkies

June 5     Romancing the Blog

June 8     Dear Author

June 9     Cataromance

June 10    Teach Me Tonight

June 15    The Good, the Bad and the Unread

June 18    Pink Hearts

June 22    The Misadventures of Super Librarian

The prizes include some cool Harlequin nostalgia tote bags and books (I’ll have some photos tomorrow!)



  1. I really wish I was able to attend the cover art show! My sister will be in NYC during that period, but alas, not I. Wonder if I can convince her to attend so I can live vicariously?

    Looking forward to having Marsha on my blog. FYI – the link is slightly off. There’s a pest underscore in there. I really should think about getting my own domain name….

  2. Malle Vallik

    I will change the link! Thanks!
    Send your sister to the show and she can take photos!

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