Harlequin Historical Pass the Plot

Jayne, our most excellent community manager, says that the Historical Pass the Plot is excellent. I am going to jump in and read but also pass along the recommendation to you! 

It’s a version of the writing round robin, but what I particularly like about this writing challenge is the list of phrases the authors have to incorporate into each chapter.

Harlequin Historical author Joanne Rock has started the tale and 8 community memebers are jumping in to contribute a new, 1000 word chapter each week for your enjoyment! And, just to keep it interesting, each chapter is going to have special phrases and key words available to the writer to earn points. The writer with the most points at the end of the series takes home the “Pass The Plot” Title for bragging rights!    

Keyword/Phrase List:

Aye=1 point
Sword=1 point
knight=1 point
mount(s)=2 points 
behemoth=2 points
Highland(s)=2 points
“Curran of Donedin”=5 points
“Nessa of the Glen”=5 points
“Siobhan cackled”=5 points
“her furious heart”=10 points
“the knight’s broad, muscular thighs”=10 points
“she would have no lands, no dowry and no future” = 20 points!!

A new chapter is posted every Monday. You can read chapters 1 – 3 now. 

Joanne’s current Harlequin Historical novel is The Knight’s Return.



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