Writing Tips from 3 Blog Posts

Several good writing posts with tips on how to keep writing and or rewriting! For the aspiring authors and those of us who write and are always looking for good advice:

 Nicola Cornick on writing and rewriting her latest The Secrets of a Courtesan.  

Margaret Moore has a fascinating blog called Story Seedlings that shows how she develops an idea into a story. Her pitch: Ever wonder how a writer takes a basic idea and spins a story from it? Find out how this writer does it, using real cases from the records of the Old Bailey

Kate Walker has a series of posts on writing alpha heroes from a fine collection of authors!

And finally,  for inspiration, write or die. Let me know if you try it! I’m a little scared…


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  1. Write or Die. I have tried it but found although it concentrates the mind, I end up having to rewrite too much. It is far easier to just set a timer and work on my wip. Saves time in the end.

    The kamikaze mode does actually eat your words…
    The easier modes have flashing lights and horrid sounds…

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