Attention Aspiring Authors

Congratulations to Lucy Roberts, winner of the Modern Heat writing competition held at the I Heart Presents blog last fall. At that time she won an editor for a year. Last week she got the call from the editor offering to buy her book.

Her first sale!

That is every aspiring author’s dream and the Internet is giving writers more access to editors, writers and contests. If your goal is to get published you should look at the various options in your genre.

At Harlequin we offer lots of great information and opportunity to writers online. Lucy is the 2nd contest winner to have sold because of a contest. Earlie in the year Lynn Raye Harris won the Harlequin Presents competition and then sold her book several months later after a lot of sweat and revisions.

Moreover, over the past decade 53 unpublished community members have sold their first novel to a Harlequin editor via online pitches and writing information found every day at the community. Writing guidelines and Meet the Editor podcasts are also online.

Spend some time searching, making connections. And use contests! Contests mean an editor wants to buy new talent so put yourself in front of the editor and you might find yourself on the receiving end of “the call.”



  1. A small question as I happen to like the editorial podcasts, when are the next ones coming out?

  2. Hi, Malle! I definitely agree about contests, not only because of the Harlequin contest, but because of the great feedback and knowledge I gained from RWA contests as well. All those roads led me to Presents. You just never know where your path will lead, so explore all the opportunities and be open to ones you might not have thought of before. 🙂

  3. Malle Vallik

    Hi Michelle

    I will be recording the next set of editor podcasts in midFebruary so they will start to appear shortly after that. If there is anything in particular you want to hear let me know as we are working on outlines now!

    I also really like them. I think aspiring authors can get the best sense of what an editor is looking for by listening.

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